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Pacific Northwest Angelman Syndrome Foundation


When a child is first diagnosed with AS, it is natural to be overwhelmed with the news. You are not only interested in acquiring specific information about AS, but also may need emotional support to help you through the difficult feelings that come after the diagnosis. This adjustment period may last a number of years. Various events and family situations throughout the life of your AS child can also create a need for emotional support.


Sometimes it is helpful to discuss your thoughts and feelings with others that have had the same experiences. We have a number of parents within our group, with AS children of varying ages and abilities, who are willing to be contacted by other AS families. If you would like a family in your region to contact you then please fill out the form below. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to one of the families listed at the bottom of this page.

Angelman NW Parent-to-Parent Contact Form

Thanks! We will put you in touch with a local family soon.

We are always updating our Parent to Parent directory. If you would like to be added please email your name, city in which you live, phone number, e-mail, name of your child/children with AS, their age and genetic type if known (for example: deletion positive, clinical, UPD, etc.) 



Jon and Jennifer Hegge

(425) 750-2985
Daughter: Alyssa
Born: 1989
Clinically Diagnosed

Jeremiah and Sarah Webb

(801) 885-1765
Son: Jackson
Born: 2011



David and Erin Platts 

(253) 737-5974
Daughter: Bridgitte

Born: 1989
Deletion Positive



Gloria DeRosa and Chris Luna 
Port Orchard

(360) 876-8342
Daughter: Angela

Born: 1999

Clinically Diagnosed


Shari Blum  

Daughter: Elizabeth

Born: 2013



Rhonda and Craig Kirtland

St. Helens

(503) 840-9721

Son: Evan

Born: 2005



Robin and Mike Marx 

(541) 485-8518

Son: Erich

Born: 1994

Clinically Diagnosed


Steve and Noel Zeedyk

(541) 302-2803

Daughter: Brielle

Born: 2008

UBE3a Mutation


We currently do not have any contact families from Alaska. If you are from Alaska or know of anyone from Alaska who would like to be a contact family for our organization please contact us.

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