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Support PNWASF with a Facebook Fundraiser

International Angelman Day is February 15

Every year PNWASF celebrates International Angelman Day with a goal of raising $1000 to support education and social events throughout the coming year. You can get involved by establishing your own fundraising campaign on Facebook. It’s easy!

To create a fundraiser for PNWASF simply follow these steps:

1.  Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed or visit the Facebook Fundraisers page at this link

a.  If you don’t see it immediately then click the “See More” link under Explore

2.  Click Raise Money

3.  Select Nonprofit

4.  Search for Pacific Northwest Angelman Syndrome Foundation

5.  Choose how much you would like to raise

a.  If you are unfamiliar with fundraising, start with just $100

6.  Choose an end date for the fundraiser

a.  Keep in mind that International Angelman Day is on February 15 every year

7.  Tell your story – Tell your friends and family why you support PNWASF

8.  Add a cover photo to represent your campaign

9.  Click Create

Tips and Suggestions

·  Invite your friends and family to the campaign page

·  Share posts to your friends’ News Feed

·  Let your friends know why the PNWASF community is important to you

If you have any questions about Facebook fundraisers, contact PNWASF Board President Justin Platts at More information available at

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