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Pacific Northwest Angelman Syndrome Foundation


Angelman Syndrome (AS) is a neuro-genetic disorder characterized by global developmental delays and severe speech impairment. Although the cause of AS is known, there are currently no treatments available for this disorder. Some common characteristics of AS are:

  • An unstable, jerky gait

  • Unusually happy demeanor

  • Variable developmental delay, usually severe by traditional testing methods

  • Lack of speech or few words. Receptive language skills may be much higher than expressive language skills

  • Small head size

  • Seizure disorders

Other features often noted include sleep disturbances, flattened back of the head, excessive drooling, chewing and other oral behaviors, hyperactivity, light skin, eyes and hair color when compared to other family members and feeding problems in infancy.


You can go to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation site for more informaion about AS.

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