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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Establish support systems for individuals with Angelman Syndrome and their families, educate the general public on the nature of Angelman Syndrome, and support research activities in connection with the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Angelman Syndrome.

From the Board

PNWASF is currently in the process of formerly changing its name to Angelman NW.  The members and Board are working on a logo that will capture the spirit of our mission statement and reflect the community, support and relationships our Foundation is built on.


Please also note that we have a new mailing address for correspondence.  We ask that any donations continue to be made to PNWASF until we are able to complete the process of the name change.  

Our mission statement remains the same and we look forward to building and strengthening new and existing relationships in our beautiful Pacific NW states. 


Pacific Northwest Angelman Syndrome Foundation
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